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I want to share with you this “tool” I found (though perhaps the subject of this post should have been how the internet allows you to turn anything, even know-how into a product).

The ‘back to analogue’ comes as a natural antithesis to the lengthy spreading of the digital in the past decades. It has only taken the trivial form of a trend for some, few, aspects of our lives because technology has protruded so deeply into our live, we wouldn’t even know where to start detaching. Trend or not, I belong to those who feel that, though the brain works well partnering up with a keyboard, a creative break with a pencil goes a long way once in a while.

As I like to think I am an organized person, I have made my fair share of lists during my “busy life”, so I know more or less how one should look like. And it is not far from this:

Some may say, and I include myself here, at least at first, that we suffer from collective amnesia and cannot remember what a simple list looks like. And we only discover it now. It happens with the simplest of things, like the bicycle, non-digital photography, making bread, knitting, growing vegetables, typewriting, even reading the paper, etc. etc..

But the time-span between when my grandmother knitted and now, when I knit HAS served for something. Though the end product is the same and the manufacturing process  is basically the same, there are fundamental things that have changed. Such as learning to knit (from your close ones then, via a virtually endless user-generated content now) and sharing your knowledge and managing your work (to your close ones then and via forums and specialised communities now). A basic difference is that NOW you have access to both your local culture and international culture and contribute to both of them.

Returning to the BulletJournal, it seems to me that the structure of this planning “device” is indeed more than an analogous list as it borrows from the digital world a sort of “windows-drop-down-menu” kind of hierarchy that fits into our computer-formatted minds. It also allows for a multidimensional planning, spanning in time and in types of structured information.

Bottom line – a fancy pen-on-paper list that has learnt its lesson from the digital world.


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